Data Protection for ThinkAgile VX

November 15, 2020

Business challenges

For many organizations, IT complexity is the enemy of business execution. Soaring data volumes combined with a proliferation of new business application services contributes to infrastructure sprawl across the enterprise. IT siloes place undue management burden on administrative personnel and often distracts them from focusing on initiatives that are more strategic to the business. Moreover, the complexity of managing and protecting business data puts the business at risk of potential data loss and unplanned downtime. Organizations need software defined data center solutions that consolidate IT resources into a single, cohesively managed pool of resources that can be flexibly shared across applications to simplify IT, mitigate risk, lower costs and enhance business agility.

ThinkAgile VX Series

Lenovo’s ThinkAgile VX, a hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) solution based on VMware vSAN, consolidates silos of IT compute, storage and networking resources to simplify IT, increase business agility and lower costs. To ensure the availability of critical business applications and data while also maximizing the ROI on HCI, data centers need a solution which provides deep integration across these highly virtualized, software defined storage environments.

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Veeam® is the leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data. Our solutions are simple to install and run, flexible enough to fit into any environment and always reliable.


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