Drone Automation In Security & Surveillance

July 9, 2019

It is a matter of when – not if – drones will be deployed, at scale, for industrial and commercial security around the world. At least, that has been the belief in the drone industry since 2015, if not earlier. Having an electronic eye-in-the-sky is as close as it gets to a silver bullet for physical security and surveillance applications. Yet, drone usage for perimeter security remains limited in the commercial sense – we are yet to see fleets of dozens of drones patrolling and securing high-value assets and premises – autonomously, reliably, repeatedly, affordably, globally. This white paper seeks to shed some light on what might help mature the drone-for-security market from the ‘early adopter’ phase to the ‘early majority’ phase of the adoption curve. It turns out that 3 success factors must fall into place for the drone opportunity in physical security to truly take off: a) reliable, off-the-shelf hardware b) cloud-based, hardware-agnostic software, and c) faster time-to-value, driven by low capex and seamless integration.

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