Incident Response Toolkit

January 3, 2020

Learn the essential success factors for incident response.

The OODA Loop, developed by US Air Force military strategist John Boyd, focuses on the key essential tactics for responding to any crisis: Observe, Orient, Decide & Act.

  • Observe: Use security monitoring to identify anomalous behavior that may require investigation
  • Orient: Evaluate what’s going on in the cyber threat intelligence landscape & inside your company, make logical connections & real-time context to focus on priority events
  • Decide: Based on observations & context, choose the best tactic for minimal damage & fastest recovery
  • Act: Remediate & recover, improve incident response procedures based on lessons learned

AlienVaultĀ® Unified Security ManagementĀ® (USM) helps you put the OODA Loop to work in the real world. Download this white paper to read about a few specific use cases where USM can help you achieve effective incident response.

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Incident Response, Unified Security Management