International Body Armour Survey

April 13, 2022

PPSS Group has been on the forefront of body armour research and development for several years.

Our key objective is to improve the chance of you coming home safely at the end of your working day. However, we know that this chance is being reduced significantly if we are not adequately protected. We also know that a lack of protection, or indeed inappropriate protection, can lead to long lasting injuries, trauma and even death.

We trust that through listening and educating, we can help others to reduce exposure to severe injury in the workplace. Through this very comprehensive survey, with the kind help you have offered us, and with the experience and knowledge you have shared, we will be able to better protect frontline professionals, and everyone charged with the security of our infrastructure, events, buildings, and citizens. For that we genuinely thank you.

This convincing and indepth report on body armour is based on a comprehensive survey completed by 729 security professionals from several countries. It highlights some very concerning issues around individuals’ detailed knowledge of a body armour’s performance, certification and limitations.

However, this report is to encourage the wearer of a body armour to request the precise specifics from the management, and it equally is to encourage the management to offer sufficient training and provide this information every time when issuing body armour. Both the provision and the knowledge of these details can be deemed of utmost importance and help reduce workplace violence related injuries and save lives.

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PPSS Group
PPSS Group is an internationally operating firm specialised in the development and supply of high performance body armour, cut resistant clothing, slash resistant clothing and bite resistant clothing – offering protection from edged weapons, spikes, as well as blunt force trauma, and human bites.


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