Navigating Space: A vision for space in defence

September 29, 2021

The space domain is becoming more congested and contested.

New technologies are rapidly emerging. Barriers to entry are falling. New players – both governmental and commercial – are vying for advantage. At the same time, humanity’s reliance on space activity is becoming more ingrained every day. Once supreme in the space domain, the defence sector is being forced to reassess the role they play in this increasingly critical domain.

To better understand how the domain and the ecosystem are evolving, KPMG International and the Space Foundation teamed up to talk to nearly two dozen industry and defence leaders at the highest levels of the space domain. We asked them about their views, opinions and predictions on the future of the domain over the short, medium and long term. And we gathered their perspectives on key sector challenges such as security, capability and competition.

Using their perspectives as guideposts, this paper offers key predictions on how the sector may evolve, identifying important new capabilities, commercial opportunities, partnership initiatives and sovereignty considerations along the way. We also provide a number of considerations and recommendations to help defence and industry players ensure the long-term sustainability and safety of operations in space.

Ultimately, this paper finds that – while the domain is evolving at a rapid pace with rising competition and potential for risk – the path to sustainable space operations and human habitation lies in connection and cooperation. As such, we hope this paper serves to inform the ongoing development of the space domain and acts as a catalyst for diplomacy and collaboration in the field.

On behalf of KPMG International and the Space Foundation, we would like to thank the national and global leaders who contributed their time, insights and predictions to this paper. To learn more about how the predictions raised here might impact your organisation, we encourage you to contact your local KPMG firm or any of the contacts listed at the end of this paper.

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