Securing Microsoft Office 365 in the new normal: Closing the gap between attackers and defenders


Microsoft Office 365 dominates the business productivity landscape today, and its place at the heart of enterprise operations was cemented by the need to adopt more flexible and agile working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. As public cloud usage increases so does the attack surface that can be exploited by threat actors. Businesses must be sure that they can defend Microsoft Office 365 environments from criminals seeking to exploit its powerful capabilities in serious cyber attacks.

In this eBook you’ll find fresh insight into this new and rapidly changing landscape. We surveyed 1,112 IT security decision makers around the world to gather their views about the biggest threats facing Microsoft Office 365 environments, and their ability to defend against them.

We’ll also be sharing practical actions you can take to improve the security of your Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure and Azure AD, including how to identify and stop subtle and dangerous threats such as account takeover attacks that seek to use Microsoft Office 365 and other SaaS applications capabilities against you.

Cloud usage soars during the pandemic

With cloud capabilities swiftly transitioning from strategic advantage to business necessity, cloud adoption and the efficiency and agility it delivers has been at the head of board discussions for several years now. However, it was not until 2020 that most enterprises really found the mettle of their cloud strategies being tested.

As many businesses rapidly switch to remote operations, it is no surprise that we saw an almost unanimous increase in organisations extending their use of the ubiquitous Microsoft Office 365 for collaboration. As of March 2020, there were 258 million active users, an increase of more than 70 million from the previous year.

“We went from zero to 100 percent visibility into attacker behaviors with Vectra. We were amazed at what Vectra could see inside network traffic. We get context and details about every attack and know which ones are the most critical.”

Head of security
Global financial services firm

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