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The Advanced Analytics of Security Entrances

June 27, 2019

Controlling physical access to sensitive areas is the primary purpose of any physical security system. To achieve this physical control, every security system must include, at a minimum, three primary system elements:

  1. A physical barrier or perimeter that defines the controlled area
  2. An access control system to trigger the admittance of authorized people
  3. Security entrances to provide access

It would be easy to think that all of the intelligence, data, and analytics associated with the physical security system is collected and used by the access controller, but that would not be correct. On the contrary, security entrances actually have access to extremely important security and operational data that can add significant value above and beyond what most access control systems can provide.

Collecting and making use of the analytic data available from modern security entrances can help improve both security and operations at many facilities.

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