The cloud imperative for mining

November 11, 2020

Executive Summary – The cloud imperative for mining

The mining industry has envisioned a future where business, human and environmental interests are not competing priorities, but complementary strengths: a “Triple Zero” future of zero harm, zero loss and zero waste. In this Triple Zero future, where zero harm is lived out day-to-day, the health and well–being of the workforce acts as a fulcrum for sustainable business operations. Zero loss focuses on leveraging a manufacturing mindset and continuously identifying losses and leakages in operational processes. Zero waste is centered on approaching business through a circular economy model.

Realizing this future is not easy. It calls for digital technologies—including artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, connected supply chains, IoT and more—and central to successfully utilizing these technologies is cloud computing. The cloud is not new. It has long heralded lower costs, greater elasticity and innovation for organizations. And approximately 85 percent of mining and metals companies have adopted cloud in some form. But most stopped short of embracing the full promise of cloud technology to accelerate business strategy and drive digital transformation. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and suddenly, cloud has a clear and important role to play as companies work to outmaneuver uncertainty.

Industry Context

If “business as usual” ever existed in the mining industry, those days are gone. Significant disruptions in logistics, supply chains, operations and more—COVID-19 is reshaping the landscape. This is in addition to well-known industry challenges, including volatile commodity prices, fast-changing international trade relations and compliance with new environmental and safety regulations.

A robust technology backbone enabled by cloud capabilities can help address these challenges. Cloud helps make new ways of working possible—from automated video analytics to pre-empt accidents, to optimizing processes intelligently through digital twins or smart sensors and integrated planning.

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