The Future of Work in the New Normal

September 14, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the workplace, forcing organisations to accommodate a large remote workforce. Business and IT decision-makers have had to very quickly re-think their strategies and investments to ensure communication and collaboration can continue against this backdrop.

While many organisations have a business continuity plan, global businesses had not expected the scale of disruption. Ecosystm research finds that 38% of organisations in Asia Pacific were forced to refocus their Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives while 25% had to accelerate their DX. Many organisations are in the process of redefining what the new norm will be for their future workplace. HR Managers, IT and Facilities Management continue to have discussions on the blended model, the IT support needed for employees, cybersecurity measures to keep data secure, technologies that will be critical for the future workplace and if there will be a need at all for commercial office space. Organisations are experimenting with different work models and it is still unclear what the Workplace of the Future will look like. What is clear is that it will not be the same as before COVID-19.

This whitepaper, commissioned by Poly, discusses the key priorities of business and IT leaders in Asia Pacific as a New Normal emerges and provides guidance to enterprises on how to negotiate the changes in their business and employee engagement models. The data cited is from the ongoing Ecosystm Digital Priorities in the New Normal study that evaluates the business and technological impact of COVID-19. Due to Ecosystm’s model of continuous data collection, it has over 800 responses from technology leaders in Asia Pacific till date and continues to receive feedback. Technology leaders can access this research in real-time to benchmark themselves against the responses of their peer community (see Appendix).

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Digital Priorities, Hybrid Workforce, Technology investment