The Inevitable Costs of Status Quo Security

September 24, 2019

Every organization invests in its perimeter to prevent breaches. Yet an equal threat to the network is security behind the firewall. Once inside the perimeter, hackers often have little preventing their movement between applications, and sufficient time to do so undetected. In fact, global median “dwell time” – or the period of time between a breach and when it is discovered – reached 101 days in 2017. This means attackers may have up to an entire business quarter to surveil your network, prioritize its most highvalue targets, and successfully infiltrate them. The question, then, is not “if” you are going to be breached, but instead: how prepared are you?

The goal is to protect crown jewel applications and high-value assets. Ringfencing crown jewel applications can reduce your data center and cloud attack surface by 90 percent, preventing successful exfiltration of your most valuable data.

Most organizations cannot easily put a price on losing their most sensitive assets or information, but avoiding a reputational and competitive disaster is priceless. Often a major breach can force the end of operations in entire markets (think: GDPR) or the end of the business itself. However, there are other real-world costs of the fallout from breaches, both reputational and financial, as well as costs of inadequate security measures.

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