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Episode 308 – Latest trends in enterprise privacy with ISACA

New research from ISACA explores the latest trends in enterprise privacy—from privacy workforce and privacy by design to privacy challenges and the future of privacy—in its new Privacy in Practice 2022 survey report, sponsored by OneTrust.

The report, which examines responses from the global ISACA State of Privacy survey conducted in the third quarter of 2021, highlights the persistent understaffing that is impacting enterprise privacy teams. Respondents indicate that both legal/compliance (46 percent of respondents) and technical privacy roles (55 percent of respondents) at enterprises are understaffed, and the issue has only worsened since last year. Forty-one percent also report that the biggest challenge in forming a privacy program is a lack of competent resources.

We speak with Jo Stewart-Rattray, Information Security Advisory Group, ISACA and Safia Kazi, ISACA Privacy Professional Practice Advisor.

Recorded 8 February 2022 #mysecuritytv #privacy #cybersecurity #compliance #isaca


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