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Product Led Growth for Tech Startups – Interview with Audrey Melnik

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As Australia’s experts in product-led growth, Unlocking Growth has quickly established itself as the partner of choice for startups seeking to become product-led. After spending collectively 2 decades in tech and startup sectors in the United States, founders Audrey Melnik and Peter Ikladious returned to Australia to launch Unlocking Growth in February 2021. The firm has grown rapidly and has already delivered several projects with prominent Australian scale-ups across Fintech, Regtech, Consumer technology and B2B SaaS.

Unlocking Growth’s SaaS Trial Rocketship Program is currently offered to fast growing Australian startups to bring their team members up to speed on how to implement a Product Led Growth approach for their businesses. Seeing the broader need for these skills, the team at Unlocking Growth now want to expand the course’s availability to ambitious people looking to enhance their skills and their marketability to tech startups. Whether you’re already in this sector or looking to find your first job in Aussie’s fast growing tech scene, this course will give you an advantage in landing that job.

Audrey Melnik offered the following thoughts on the need for such a program: “We’ve realized that the skills required to power the startup scene here in Australia are in very short supply. Beyond the well known need of software development skills, there is an even greater gap in Australia of skills in the Growth and Product Management specialties. Our 6-week SaaS Rocketship coaching program helps to fill that gap and educates our students on our world-leading Customer Journey Optimisation methodology. This program sets them up with the tools and skills to implement a Product Led Growth approach that has served startup success stories like Atlassian, Canva and Slack so well.”

Launched on Tuesday 8th February, the Rocketship Scholars Program will offer FREE access to the SaaS Trial Rocketship Coaching Course (worth $7,500) to 5 Australian residents who are looking to take their career to the next level.

The comprehensive coaching program covers key modules around startups, Customer Journey Optimization methodology and Product-Led Growth implementation. It will also equip students with a formidable technical skillset in marketing automation, customer data platforms, product analytics and journey optimization. Although the course leverages numerous technologies and SaaS tools, no formal computer coding knowledge is required to be successful.

This is a rare opportunity for Australian residents to become job-ready within a niche with considerable growth potential. There are no restrictions on candidates who can apply for the course – with applicants of all ages and experience levels being eligible for a scholarship.

Any Australian resident with a passion for helping startups grow and with an interest in technology, data and business operations is highly encouraged to register their interest on the Rocketship Scholars page, found here:…


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