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Episode 31 – Women in Cyber – Sandra Ragg, Office of the Cyber Security Special Adviser for the Prime Minister and Cabinet & Heide Young, National Events Manager, Australian Women in Security Network

In the last of our WICME interviews, we speak with Sandra Ragg, the First Assistant Secretary for the Office of the Cyber Security Special Adviser with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (update: in January 2018, Sandra was promoted to the position of Deputy National Cyber Security Adviser within the newly formed Department of Home Affairs), and Heide Young, the National Events Manager for the Australian Women in Security Network, or AWSN. The discussion ranges from the role of the AWSN, its rapid growth in membership, future plans of cooperation and initiatives, its role in mentoring women in cyber security, as well as the cultural change required to increase the percentage of women in cyber security, but also the importance of inclusion of women, not just diversity for diversity’s sake.

Recorded on Day 2 of the Women in Cyber Experience in Sydney, November 29, 2017. #WICME


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