Episode 312 – China’s support for Russia – how far does it go?

As Russia commences military operations in Ukraine, we speak with Associate Professor Alexey Muraviev, National Security & Strategic Studies from Curtin University in Perth.

Dr Muraviev discusses why Russia feels “so confident” with its Ukraine deliberations, given its new partnership arrangements with China, and why China “must walk a fine line”: “Perhaps the most powerful draw card in Putin’s back pocket is China. While Russia and China have been growing closer in recent years, a summit between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the start of the Olympics sent alarm bells ringing in Western countries”.

Alexey research interests focus on problems of maritime security (modern naval power, maritime terrorism), Russia’s strategic and defence policy and military modernisation, Russia as a Pacific power, alliances in the Asia-Pacific, regional balance of power, Australian national security and defence, contemporary terrorism, future wars, and other.

Recorded 4:00pm AEDT, Thursday 24 February 2022. To watch the MySec.TV version visit https://mysecuritymarketplace.com/av-media/chinas-support-for-russia-how-far-does-it-go/

Further reading https://theconversation.com/why-vladimir-putin-is-so-confident-in-his-ukraine-strategy-he-has-a-trump-card-in-china-177534

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