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Building a global team from anywhere – Interview with Deel

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About Deel –

About Shuo – Shuo started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age alongside her mother in China, helping manage her scooter import business. In doing so, she saved enough money to cover her tuition fees at MIT and after graduating, she started a business building more efficient air purifiers to combat the smog problem in China, which she successfully sold after three years. Shuo met her Deel co-founder, Alex Bouaziz, at MIT and together they came up with the idea for the company. Working for startups, they were having issues hiring engineers from other countries. They realised how hard it was to keep track of different tax structures, local labor laws, and compliance hurdles. Hence, Deel was born and serves as one central place to manage and pay employees anywhere in the world

About Shannon – Shannon is a seasoned sales executive that is passionate about people, new challenges and all things growth. He has nine years of professional experience in areas related to B2B Sales, Leadership and Relationship Building across all segments. As the Head of Expansion for Australia and New Zealand at Deel, Shannon is excited to help local businesses hire and pay anyone, anywhere, within minutes


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