Episode 52 – CiscoLive! Interview with Bret Hartman, VP & CTO for the Security Business Group of Cisco

In this interview, we talk to Bret Hartman, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the Security Business Group of Cisco.

Bret discusses his role as CTO and the differences in role and strategy when leading a large organisation, as compared to a start-up. He also discusses the challenge of predicting the two to four year future, making strategic decisions, and integrating new technology into Cisco, whether developed or acquired.

The two also discuss the future scenarios in cyber crime, security and the ‘Attacker-Defender’ arms race that has developed as a consequence of increased use of automated, self learning algorithms, on both sides, and how Cisco is overcoming the practical and privacy limitations using analysis of behaviour and meta-data.

This is a rich discussion, that we hope you’ll enjoy. BTW Cisco reported FY Revenue of $48 billion in 2017.

Recorded at Cisco Live, Melbourne, 7 March 2018 – MySecurity Media attended Cisco Live courtesy of Cisco.


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