Episode 61 – How to secure your organisation from people like us – Chris Gatford, @HackLabs @CivSec2018

In this interview, Morry Morgan chats with Chris Gatford, Director & Founder of Hacklabs, speaking at the CIVSEC 2018 Congress and Exhibition in Melbourne. Chris gave a presentation titled “How to secure your organisation from people like us”, and we quiz Chris on some of the highlights of his talk, as well as learn more about Hacklabs.

We talk about Mossack Fonseca data breach, also known as the Panama Papers, and how Chris used basic Google crafted queries to show huge holes in this financial services cyber security, both before and well after the cyber attack.

We also discuss Hacklabs and how they conduct Red Team penetration testing, that involves both digital and physical access to sensitive information, and how Australia’s achilles heel is that we are far too trusting.


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