Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine – Issue 2, 2020


Welcome to Issue 2 of the Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine, powered by MySecurity Media.

Cyber and COVID-19 continue to be the two critical issues in 2020 – Cyber Risk Leaders provides essential insight into the state of the world and the challenge facing security and technology professionals – look out for links through to podcasts, videos, events and the marketplace.  Enjoy the read!

In this edition, we cover all aspects of security technology and critical infrastructure protection, starting with the central elements of the internet – data centres, global cable networks and energy sources.  

We maintain coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has deeply altered the economic trajectory of the world, with implications for national security. Adapting your respective security posture is essential in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment and there has been immediate impacts on security technology.  

With COVID-19 there was, and continues to be, an influx of adapted cyber-attacks, with some reports that coronavirus-related phishing attacks went up 667%, and every single country around the globe has now been hit with at least one phishing attack related to the pandemic.


  1. Shaping the future of data centres, by John Young
  2. Submarine Cable Networks The Global Sovereign Asset, by Abhilash Halappanavar
  3. Energy security; keeping the electrons flowing, by Iain Strutt
  4. Critical-infrastructure attack attempted against Israeli water supply, by Dave Weinstein
  5. The Golden Tax Department and the Emergence of GoldenSpy Malware, by Brian Hussey,
  6. Getting serious about security assurance, by Codee Ludbey
  7. Invest in intelligence now to prepare Australia’s utilities for the future, by Ray Griffiths and Tony Histon
  8. Siloed response to cyber threats failing to protect Australian organisations, by Mark Sayer and Joseph Failla
  9. Human error – Deliberate or unintentional? by Visahl Samson David Selvam
  10. Top Trends that Should Inform Your COVID-19 Security Posture, by Linda Gray Martin, Paula Januszkiewicz, Magda Chelly, Erich Kron, Javvad Malik, Stan Lowe
  11. How to reduce work from home risks in a post-COVID world, by Geoff Schomburgk
  12. Does Covid19 herald the end of fingerprint recognition security, by Michael Warnock
  13. Coronavirus victims of a different nature: The targets of COVID-19 cyberthreats, by Dr Leslie F. Sikos
  14. The law on cyber bullying and trolling, by Brenda van Rensburg
  15. Why Domestic Violence is a workplace issue, by Nick de Bont
  16. Editor’s Book Review: Contest for the Indo-Pacific, Why China won’t map the future, by Rory Medcalf

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