Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine – Issue 3, 2020


With our third edition of Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine closing out the year, there may be a degree of crisis fatigue setting in, but it is way too early for a break. The year has had sustained intensity, driven largely by an adaptation to a global pandemic but also with coinciding, heightened geo-political contestation, nation state sponsored cyber-attacks, and weaponisation of information, against populations, intended to defraud, disrupt and destabilise.

In this edition we again provide you the opportunity to deep dive into the cybersecurity domain, corporate risk management and our cover feature on the trends of cloud computing models in their native, multi and hybrid forms. We also include links through to our recent Indo-Pacific Series and the latest Cyber Security Weekly podcasts.  

On that note, as always, there is so much more to touch on and we trust you will enjoy this edition of Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine. Enjoy the read!


  1. The key trends shaping successful business strategies for a post-COVID-19 world – Girish Ramachandran, President of Asia Pacific, Tata Consultancy Services  
  2. (Cyber) Security Culture Eats (Cyber) Security Strategy for Breakfast, Jacqueline Jayne, Security Awareness Advocate – APAC, KnowBe4
  3. Neurodiversity in Cybersecurity skillsets, Dr. Astha Keshariya
  4. Collective Defence: Adopting a collaborative approach to cybersecurity, Dr. Mark Pedersen, Chief Technology Officer, KJR
  5. Reverse engineering surveillance capitalism, Iain Strutt
  6. Securing the next generation digital infrastructure highlights from BlackHat Asia 2020, Jane Lo, Singapore Correspondent
  7. Australia’s Cyber Strategy: Navigating unchartered territories needs both caution & diplomacy, Syed Munir Khasru  
  8. Plugging the gaps: Australian organisations are leaving their defence barriers wide open for attackers, Joseph Failla leads Accenture security practice within Australia & New Zealand.
  9. A multi-hybrid cloud game plan to strengthen business continuity with proper data management, Han Chung Heng,  Senior Vice President, Systems & Alliance, Channels & ISV at Oracle JAPAC  
  10. Cloud-native networking – the future of connectivity