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Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine – Issue 6, 2021



As an international edition, this issue includes a Singapore focus, with Singapore Correspondent, Jane Lo reporting on the ISACA Singapore Chapter’s GTACS 2021 conference and Singapore International Cyber Week 2021 (SICW, 4th – 8th October 2021). The 6th edition of SICW opened to a global audience that saw more than 2,000 delegates and speakers participating globally, including government ministers, cyber principals and heads of agencies and leaders from industry and academia. In this edition, we also provide you the opportunity to deep dive into the cybersecurity domain, corporate risk management and throughout we have links through to our Tech & Sec Weekly Series and the latest Cyber Security Weekly podcasts. There is a lot here to unpack. On that note, as always, there is so much more to touch on and we trust you will enjoy this edition of Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine. Enjoy the reading, listening and viewing!

Every day, our adversaries are using known vulnerabilities to target federal agencies…we are using our directive authority to drive cybersecurity efforts toward mitigation of those specific vulnerabilities that we know to be actively used by malicious cyber actors” – Jen Easterly, Director, US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, November 3, 2021


  1. Turning cyber health scare into digital trust
  2. Best practices for trusted third-party risk management
  3. Deepening collaborations for cybersecurity – Highlights from the Singapore international cyber week 2021
  4. Singapore Cyber Landscape – Highlights at ISACA Singapore Chapter’s GTACS 2021 conference
  5. Network and Data Center Security
  6. Market opportunities for 5G, IoT and edge compute
  7. New Insights into The Devilstongue Spyware Impacting Journalists, Human Rights Defenders and Politicians
  8. Why Aorganisational risk starts and ends with your people
  9. How to empower your people to become your greatest risk management asset
  10. Beware of the return to office: How organisations can protect against pandemic sleeper threats
  11. President Biden Warns “Lock Your Digital Doors”
  12. Facebook’s network backbone breaks, causing six hour outage
  13. Group-IB Chief Executive Officer facing treason charge following arrest
  14. Famoussparrow APT Group spying on hotels, governments and private companies
  15. Irish privacy regulator fines whatsApp $359 million
  16. SophosLabs publish technical insight into stealthy new ransomware, Atom Silo
  17. New PANW research highlights growth of supply chain security threat
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