Cyber Security

Global Threat Intelligence Report

Organizations large and small are increasingly looking to leverage good threat intelligence to update their cybersecurity infrastructures in real time and maximizing protection of their businesses’ communications, people, and data. Mimecast generates threat intelligence through its analysis of more than a billion emails per day on behalf of more than 42,000 customers. Because email is […]

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Data governance in Australia

We are delighted to share with you the Governance Institute of Australia’s key thought leadership project for 2023 — Data governance in Australia. This report forms the fifth in the Governance Institute’s digital thought leadership series. This project also heralds the commencement of key strategic partnerships for with Governance Institute with Macquarie University’s DataX Research

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ASD Cyber Threat Report

ASD’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is the Australian Government’s technical authority on cyber security. The ACSC brings together capabilities to improve Australia’s national cyber resilience and its services include: security issues through ASD’s Cyber Security Partnership Program. The most effective cyber security is collaborative and partnerships are key to this work. ASD thanks all

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Cyber Ready? Australian Businesses Rise to The Challenge

Australian organisations face a perilous, rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape. Over the last 12 months, the national discourse has shifted into hyperdrive in the wake of global geopolitical instability and a spate of high-profile attacks. Businesses are also subject to increased regulatory scrutiny as well as growing expectations from government, consumers and other stakeholders. As a

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State of the Phish 2023

Every year, threat actors look for new ways to outwit victims and bypass defenses. And 2022 was no different. As businesses rolled out new security controls, cyber criminals responded. They added complex techniques like telephone-oriented attack delivery and multi-factor authentication (MFA) bypass. Unknown to most users, these techniques gave cyber attackers a new advantage. And

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State of Play

Threat actors go where the targets are, capitalizing on opportunities to launch targeted or widespread, opportunistic attacks. This extends into high-profile sporting events, especially those in increasingly connected environments, introducing cyber risk for organizers, regional host facilities, and attendees. The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that cyberattacks against sports organizations are increasingly

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Global Threat Intelligence Report

Since the publication of our first quarterly issue in January 2023, the BlackBerry Global Threat Intelligence Report has quickly become a key reference guide in the cybersecurity industry. This report is used by cybersecurity professionals worldwide, including CISOs, security managers, and other decision makers, to stay informed of the latest cybersecurity threats and challenges affecting

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Unpacking the Threat Landscape With Unique Telemetry Insight

Nozomi Networks Labs is dedicated to reducing cyber risk for the world’s industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. Through its cybersecurity research and collaboration with industry and institutions, it helps defend the operational systems that support everyday life. The Labs team conducts investigations into industrial device vulnerabilities and, through a responsible disclosure process, contributes to the

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The State of Ransomware in Manufacturing and Production 2023

Sophos’ annual study of the real-world ransomware experiences of IT/cybersecurity leaders makes clear the realities facing organizations in 2023. It reveals the most common root causes of attacks and shines new light on how experiences with ransomware differ based on industry. The report also reveals the business and operational impact of paying the ransom to

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