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Automated Patch Management: Achieving the vision of tomorrow, today!

Patch management of the future is automated, fire-and-forget, and risk-based. You can achieve this vision of tomorrow, today!

Strong patch compliance is the first line of defense in the war against ransomware. More than 50% of ransomware attacks are the result of poor patch compliance due to end user’s blocking patches.

Look, your techs and sysadmins hate patching. It’s the same thing day-in and day-out, but there is a better way. By leveraging the futuristic patching of Kaseya VSA you can improve your cybersecurity, reduce tech/sysadmin workload, and work on more exciting project work.

With the multiple, and sometimes conflicting, sources of patch and vulnerability data, IT teams often find it difficult to make informed patching decisions. Figuring out what critical vulnerabilities are out there, whether the affected devices are in your environment, and if there is even a patch available can be a very manual and complex task that many organizations are still using spreadsheets to keep track of.

Tune in to this webinar for tips and tricks on automating this manual (and frequently confusing) task and to learn more about:

  • How patching is the best defense against cyber criminals
  • Why achieving patch compliance is such a tough task
  • How to leverage CVSS and CVE scores to ensure the most important patches are never missed
  • How to radically improve your patch deployment success rate
  • How to use best-in-class endpoint management solutions can turn a PC on in the middle of the night, patch it, and turn it off again.

Keanan BallKeanan Ball is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kaseya. He loves waking up every day to tell small businesses about how automation that will make their lives better. Keanan has led over 30 successful launches for startups and publicly traded companies alike. When not working on product launches you can find Keanan cracking dad jokes, hiking the backwoods of British Columbia, or hanging with his two Sphynx cats.


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