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Hot trends for 2022

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After a challenging couple of years, business leaders everywhere are looking forward to 2022 as a chance to return to prosperity and growth. It is clear that technology will be at the heart of this renaissance. Now is the right time for CEOs/CIOs to be considering the trends that will power their organisations to the next level.

So what sort of innovations will be setting the pace over the next 12 months and delivering the business benefits that we all want to see? Our online event on 11 January will feature expert discussion and speculation. It will be led by a major analyst name who will be joined by a number of industry leading CEOs/CIOs/senior execs for a lively and informative debate. Our panellists will be bringing their own leading edge, real-life experiences of putting innovation to work.

Here are some of the trends which are likely to feature in the conversation:

  •    Artificial intelligence extends everywhere

Next year will see many new and exciting uses of AI across the enterprise. Expect AI to be part of improving the customer experience, managing IoT devices and achieving business insights from masses of unstructured data. Perhaps the most critical role for AI will be in driving better network automation. Automation of everything in the network is critical to the transformational mission of every enterprise, and it will be behind the success of other important areas like and 5G and edge compute. Independent analyst firm Gartner says 60% of data centre networking configuration activities will be automated by 2023, up from 30% in 2020. All these AI-related innovations are guaranteed to enhance business performance in ways it is hard to imagine today.

  • Cloud networking moves to the next level

The increasing centrality of cloud-based services to enterprise IT provision demands appropriate connectivity. A new generation of cloud-native network solutions has been hitting the market, and 2022 will be the year that sees the leaders in this space hit the mainstream. Who are the cloud disruptors that every CIO should be aware if they are to maintain competitive advantage?

  • Cybersecurity gets smarter

A rising tide of cybersecurity threats means that CIOs and CISOs will need to raise their game, and they will be relying on a whole new generation of cyber protection to get them there. Expect to see a multitude of innovations in cybersecurity using AI. Look out also for new types of protection to secure 5G networks as they become central to enterprise activity in far flung locations. The ability to analyse data faster and at a more granular level will also help to shut the door on online fraudsters.

  • Evolution at the network edge

The centre of gravity of the modern digital-first enterprise is no longer the head office, the branch office or the corporate data centre. It’s at the point where goods are being manufactured, where customers are making buying decisions, where remote workers are relying secure access to essential applications. The network edge is the future of IT, and 2022 will see a raft of new solutions to support that.

Our analyst chair, Scott Raynovich, Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom, will introduce the session & explore the hot trends for 2022 with a panel of industry leaders, and the benefits they will bring to businesses in the real world, followed by a short media Q&A.

Analyst Chair: Scott Raynovich
Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom

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