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Multi-Cloud & Cloud Native Networking

8am San Fran | 11am New York | 4pm London | 5pm Paris

Recent research findings suggest that over half of all organizations plan to operate a multi-cloud environment within the next three years. But multi-cloud strategies continue to raise many challenges including cloud security, data integration and potentially high operational costs.

With businesses spreading their cloud reliance over more and more cloud platforms, these challenges are only going to become more acute. CIOs are leveraging multiple clouds to achieve the agility and flexibility they need to effectively compete and to drive innovation. Multiple cloud platforms are also necessary to handle the sheer volumes of data they are handling. So what solutions will enable enterprises to manage all this complexity and maximise agility?

This and other cloud-centric questions will be the subject of our online event on March 8. Led by Brad Casemore, VP Research, Datacenter and Multicloud Networking at analyst firm IDC, and featuring a panel of leading industry experts, the discussion will analyse the benefits of a cloud-native approach to cloud connectivity problems. It will consider the smartest approaches to choosing the right cloud solution for the right application.

Analyst Chair: Brad Casemore
VP Research, Datacenter and Multicloud Networking, IDC

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