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The #8 in the Essential 8

These sessions will focus on the Number 8 of the Essential 8 and the strategies to secure users, systems and SaaS data

Is your business ready for the region’s Positive Security Obligations? New research data shows Australian and New Zealand businesses are at varying states of preparedness for the government’s tough new cyber security obligations.

The government is urging all Australian businesses to follow the Australian Signal Directorate’s “Essential Eight” security recommendations (New Zealand Government has similar recommendations), which cover:

  1. Implementing application control
  2. Keeping applications patched with the latest updates
  3. Configuring Microsoft Office macro settings
  4. Hardening user applications
  5. Restricting administrative privileges
  6. Keeping operating systems patched with the latest updates
  7. Implementing multi-factor authentication
  8. Regularly backing up data

In April 2022, the government passed legislation to make it mandatory for business considered to be national ‘critical infrastructure’ to have new Positive Security Obligations. Business that fall under the mandate include: Communications, Defence, Data Storage, Energy, Education, Financial Services, Grocery & Food, Health & Medical, Space Technology, Transport, Water and Sewerage.

Focusing on the Number 8 of the Essential 8 the Kaseya Unified Business Continuity and Data Recovery (BCDR) can help businesses ensure that their data is backed up with little overhead on the IT team and is continually proven to be successfully recoverable.

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