Cyber-Tech Institute of Australia

Data Analyst Program


In the digital kingdom where web and mobile applications help us manage nearly every aspect of our lives, data is king. Every digital action is visible and trackable, enabling corporations to accumulate and analyze vast amounts of both personal and business data. The use of ‘Big Data’ is driving disruption in every field — from vehicle navigation, through medicine, to cybersecurity.


In the digital era, data is king. This program is your best path to transform your career and get a Data Analyst job in the tech sector.

Over the last few years, new professions like Data Analysts and Data Scientists have appeared on the market. Their job is to make sense and create value in the ever-increasing amounts of data that have become available.

Data analytics is the science of collecting and analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information A Data Analyst is a person who can skillfully extract this information using data modeling and inform management on what it needs to know for decision-making.