Cybercrime Central: VexTrio Operates Massive Criminal Affiliate Program

While cybercriminals are often portrayed as gangs of hackers or lone brilliant coders, more often they buy and sell goods and services as part of a larger criminal economy. For example, some actors sell malware services, and malware-as-a-service (MaaS) allows buyers easy access to the infrastructure necessary to commit crimes. These service providers also form […]

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An Introduction to Zero Trust

A Compelling Cybersecurity Strategy for Defending the Enterprise It’s a cloud-first world. Your users now regularly connect directly to cloud-based applications and web destinations from any device anywhere. Sophisticated cyberthreats use those connections to penetrate your traditional network perimeter. Against this backdrop, enterprises and government organizations are turning to Zero Trust architectures to protect their

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What is Lurking on Your Network

Exposing the threat of shadow devices Most internet communications rely on DNS, although it is often not sufficiently secured, which creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited for data exfiltration and spreading malware. Over 91 percent of malware uses DNS to communicate with C&C servers, lock up data for ransom or exfiltrate data. Existing security controls,

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Software-defined DDI

Fully realise the value of SD-WAN for remote locations and branch offices Businesses that are undergoing digital transformation and transitioning to cloud-based services are increasingly choosing software-defined solutions. Virtual form factor, cloud-based management and large-scale automation form the crux of software-defined solutions. BloxOne DDI is the industry’s first software-defined DDI solution. It enables remote sites

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Securing Remote Workers in the Age of Teleworking

Commercial and government enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many private enterprises and government agencies quickly started preparations to enable teleworking for employees. In a recent survey, approximately 44 percent of consumers with full-time employment have already felt the impact of coronavirus on their business operations, approximately 55 percent have already

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