Abbie White

Chief Smarketer with Sales Redefined.

Abbie White is the founder and CEO of Sales Redefined with an obsession for high performance sales and strong execution. Abbie builds high performance sales teams and helps companies increase revenue by closing the gap on sales and marketing. Aptly described as the marriage counsellor for sales & marketing teams, Abbie leverages her years of sales experience with world-class organisations, to deliver 2000%+ ROI on lead generation campaigns for her clients.

Before starting Sales Redefined in 2017, Abbie managed a $100 million plus portfolio with IBM where she was the National Sales Manager. Her 15 years of sales and sales management experience make her one of Australia’s most dynamic sales experts, with a proven track record that includes delivering over $500 million in sales, specialising in the corporate IT sector.


Sales and Marketing for the IT Sector

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