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KPMG global tech report 2022

Global technology leaders share their digital transformation progress and explore how to strengthen ongoing digital maturity. Organisations today are operating in tense conditions. As they grapple with rising costs, economic uncertainty, geopolitical turmoil and a global talent crisis, they must defend their market share by strengthening customer loyalty and enhancing their offerings with innovative, market-leading …

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2021 Future of Cyber Survey

Gaining visibility into complexity Today, we find ourselves living the reality of a cyber everywhere world where digital transformation initiatives continue to accelerate amid the emergence of a pervasive remote workforce. It often appears as if technological innovation and the culture it produces are surging ahead of our ability to understand, measure and respond to …

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Digital Transformation Index 2020

Dell Technologies’ third biennial Digital Transformation Index details how organisations are accelerating digital transformation projects amidst unprecedented uncertainty; 4,300 business leaders in 18 countries weigh in Dell Technologies has released results from a global study that shows organisations are shifting their digital transformation programs into high gear and are on the path to accomplish in …

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Splunk Predictions 2020

2020 and Beyond: Emerging Possibilities, Emerging Threats Algorithms may decide who gets a job interview. Automation could kill your org culture, or it can unlock human creativity. Security strategies that can spot last year’s “imprtnant e-mail” from your CEO are not ready for next year’s deepfake phone call. These are just a few of the …

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Harness the engine of innovation

This annual report from Accenture predicts key technology trends likely to redefine business. The study also underscores the growing importance of reskilling programs as a competitive lever.

State of Enterprise Risk Management 2020

The State of Enterprise Risk Management 2020 report reveals that only 29 per cent of respondents have a high degree of confidence that their enterprise can accurately predict the impact of threats and vulnerabilities associated with emerging technologies.