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Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap 2030

Australia’s space and geospatial* industries have reached a pivotal moment in their development. Both are small by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) standards. Neither has yet created a multi-national commercial enterprise. Without additional and specific actions, neither is likely to meet the rapidly growing needs of Australia’s civilian and defence sectors over …

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CounTer Expo 2022

There will be three days of Interaction, Engagement, Enforcement, Entrepreneurship, Cooperation and Innovation for Counter-Terrorism uniting professionals, thought leaders and experts from Industry, Government, Policing and the Private Sector. Subject matter experts will also deliver lectures on key topics such as Contemporary Developments in Terrorism, Terror-Financing, Cyber-Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism Trends; along with specialised War Games …

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Rising To The Challenge: Addressing Climate And Security In Our Region

Key findings Climate change increases the risk of conflict and Australia will not find lasting national security without adequately addressing it. Australia faces substantial climate and security risks on its doorstep and without urgent action, climate change will reduce security in our region. Failure to rise to the challenge of climate and security is already …

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WIRED Security: News, Advice, and More

Narrators read our favorite written stories. You can listen to them anywhere, including on your smart speaker. Play for audio versions of WIRED’s Security stories, featuring the latest on cybersecurity, hacking, privacy, national security, and keeping yourself safe online.

The Hidden Costs of Cybercrime

Executive Summary Since 2018, we estimated that the cost of global cybercrime reached over $1 trillion. We estimated the monetary loss from cybercrime at approximately $945 billion. Added to this was global spending on cybersecurity, which was expected to exceed $145 billion in 2020. Today, this is $1 trillion dollar drag on the global economy. …

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Dr John Coyne

Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement, Head of the North and Australia’s Security, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra John was the inaugural head of ASPI’s Border Security Program, and more recently established the North and Australia’s Security. He is the author of the ‘The Role of Strategic Intelligence in law Enforcement’ and has published widely on policing, …

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Dr. Amrita Jash

Research Fellow, Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), New Delhi, India Dr. Jash holds a Ph.D in Chinese Studies from Centre for East Asian Studies (Chinese Division),School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her Ph.D Thesis is titled: “China’s Perceptions of Japan: A Study of Historical memories as an Agency, 2002-2012”. She has obtained M.Phil …

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Deepfakes: A Grounded Threat Assessment

The rise of deepfakes could enhance the effectiveness of disinformation efforts by states, political parties and adversarial actors. How rapidly is this technology advancing, and who in reality might adopt it for malicious ends? This report offers a comprehensive deepfake threat assessment grounded in the latest machine learning research on generative models. This paper examines …

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