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ALSID – Active Directory Security For Business

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ALSID – Active Directory Security For Business
Founded in 2016 by two former incident responders from the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), Alsid is a hypergrowth cybersecurity vendor headquartered in Paris with a global reach. Since Alsid’s inception, we’ve resolved to defend those few systems on the critical path of our adversaries. And one towers above them all: Active Directory. One system that we can protect and leverage to break our opponents’ operations. This is our battlefield. And we own it.



Alsid for Active Directory is the only solution that thinks like the attacker. Built by incident responders for security professionals and AD Admins. Alsid’s ability to detect attack pathways in real time provides organizations the ability to prevent lateral movement and prohibit privilege escalation.

Uncover existing vulnerabilities

Uncover and fix existing vulnerabilities

  • Uncover misconfigurations that were made years ago
  • Show attack pathways that lead to privileges within AD
  • Expose legacy users and groups that are no longer used, but have privileged access
  • Discover insecure password-related settings
  • Show AD and SYSVOL permissions that are insecure


The only solution that can detect sophisticated attacks against Active Directory without the need for any agent or privileges. The ability to detect attacks in real time gives the organization the ability to quickly stop an attack.

Detect AD attacks

Specific AD attacks detection

Detect specific Active Directory attacks like DCShadow, Brute Force, Password Spraying, DCSync, and more. Some AD attacks use a “no-log” method and run under the SIEM radar. Alsid catches these attacks and sends the relevant information to your SIEM/SOC.

Alert your SIEM/SOC in real time

Use our specific SIEM plug-in or our native SYSLOG integration. No need to create thousands of rules inside your SIEM and update it on a weekly basis. Simply activate our SIEM modules to avoid false positives and eliminate information tornadoes for your SOC.

Integrate with security standards

Alsid for AD maps to MITRE ATT&CK® tactics and techniques and provides an integrated view of the most advanced framework to define attack detection. Leverage Alsid for AD to enhance your Security Orchestrator capabilities. All SOAR-based solutions can be connected using our API, enabling you to run specific playbooks after AD attack detection.

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