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Guardhouse: end-to-end workforce management software

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Guardhouse is a cloud-based end-to-end workforce management software specifically designed for the security industry. Streamline your operations with an efficient rostering system that automatically generates timesheets and invoices. In addition, ensure compliance with the company’s licence renewal service.

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Smarter guard scheduling

A scheduling system that gives you visibility of availability, overtime, fatigue management, financials, compliance and conflicting shifts. Guardhouse puts you in control of scheduling the right shifts at the right time, with ease.

Error free invoicing and payroll

One data entry point for time & attendance, invoicing and payroll improves accuracy, saves time, drives revenue and boosts profitability. Guardhouse eliminates the time and stress of managing invoicing and payroll.

Confident in Compliance

Daily automated security licence checks and renewal reminders keep guard compliance profiles up to date. Guardhouse protects you while you’re protecting your customers.

Seven-step pilot process

Business Analysis meeting

Guardhouse will spend 1-2 hours with you to assess:

  • Existing processes, technologies and capabilities
  • Current pain points
  • Short and long-term business goals
  • Most valued features and benefits
  • Change impact and readiness

Pilot Plan

Within one day of the Business Analysis meeting, Guardhouse delivers:

  • Summary of your needs and objectives
  • 4-week pilot plan showing the steps and support we provide
  • Set-up and implementation requirements

Set up

Guardhouse customise the free account set-up and build:

  • Pre created rosters
  • Data entry


Guardhouse offer free, weekly training sessions throughout the pilot:

  • On site, online or a blended approach
  • Number of trainees depends on size of your business
  • Develop early adopters into internal champions
  • We cover travel expenses outside of Sydney for the first onsite visit

Target pilot

Guardhouse support your business throughout the 4-week pilot:

  • Selection of customers for the pilot
  • Communication support for staff and customers
  • Agile process to suit your pace
  • Collection of feedback and observation data
  • Prompt adjustments based on data
  • Fast response to requests

Review and agree

Guardhouse regroup to assess the pilot and agree on roll-out:

  • What went well
  • Any specific focus areas for successful roll-out
  • Pricing and contract negotiation
  • Timing for roll-out
  • Change management considerations

Roll out + implementation

Guardhouse ensures the system is adopted by your whole business:

  • Free ongoing training and support
  • Same service level at every stage

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