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Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response

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Data Sheet – Incident Response
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Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response
Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response
Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response
Today’s threat landscape is changing fast. Watch this quick video to see how Malwarebytes keeps you secure. Discover protection that lets you experience your digital world with confidence.

Integrated protection, detection, and response. Built for ease and speed.

In a post –perimeter world, organizations must rely on endpoint detection and response (EDR) to provide the first line of defense against a cyber attack. Yet, existing solutions require advanced expertise and time to use effectively.

Malwarebytes removes these barriers with a modern EDR that is built for speed for organizations of all sizes that value simplicity and efficiency.

In addition to preventing attacks, Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response makes it easy to  quickly investigate, isolate, remediate, and recover from threats — all in a matter of minutes. The solution’s “one-and-done” remediation thoroughly and permanently removes infections in a single operation.

Deploy fast.
Manage simply.

Easy to deploy, manage, and tune endpoint security built for speed

Extend your
threat protection.

Integrated detection across the attack chain returns a verdict with precision

Investigate, isolate,
and recover.

Actionable investigation results delivered to drive threat response decisions

Experience the Advantages

Deploy fast. Manage simply.

Malwarebytes was built for speed—from deployment to management to ongoing maintenance. Organizations with scarce security resources achieve active response and a strong security posture in minutes.

Cloud-native where it matters

Lever aging the power of the Malwarebytes Nebula cloud platform, endpoint detection and Response capabilities evolve at the speed of attack innovation. And, our low foot print agent taps the power of the cloud to efficiently detect advanced threats based on behavior.

Management built for endpoints

Our solution lets you effectively manage security on endpoints at enterprise scale , and with just a few clicks, gain broad visibility from the global dashboard down to individual indicators of compromise (IoCs) discovered on a machine.

Global threat intelligence

Threat intelligence provides global insights in to behavior a heuristics, IoCs, and attack techniques,  all owing for constant adaptation of detection and remediation capabilities to address new threats.

Extend your threat protection.

Malwarebytes integrates protection with detection, securing endpoints and providing full visibility and control across the attack chain.

Integrated endpoint protection

Our solution integrates automated, adaptive detection techniques that learn along each stage of the threat detection funnel, providing continual situation a awareness of suspicious activity until a final verdict can be made with precision.

Suspicious activity monitoring

Malwarebytes monitors endpoints, creating a “haystack“ in the cloud where a combination of behavior bal analysis and machine learning pinpoints any IoC “needles.”

Cloud sandbox

We apply powerful threat intelligence to the cloud sandbox’s deep analysis of unknown threats. To increase the precision of threat detection, providing you with pre packaged analysis of actionable IOCs.

Investigate, isolate, and recover.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response gives security professionals the ability to quickly investigate, isolate, thoroughly remediate, and recover from threats in a matter of minutes.

Guided investigation

Our automated threat hunting provides severity- prioritized IoCs, so you can quickly assess the extent and urgency of a threat. Integrated incident  response enables you to isolate and remediate all traces of a threat or globally exclude activity that you deem is benign — all with clicks not scripts.

Granular attack isolation

Our granular isolation capabilities prevent lateral movement of an attack by allowing you to segment individual machines, subnets, or groups, and continue your active response activities with breathing room.

Thorough remediation

Endpoint remediations are thorough and complete with our Linking Engine technology that maps system changes associated with the   malware to remove all traces of the infection and  return your endpoints to a truly healthy state.

Ransomware rollback

Malwarebytes stores changes to files on the system in a local cache over a 72 – hour period. With one click, you can reverse the damage  caused by ransom ware and restore the device to a healthy, productive state.

Download the State of Malware Report 2020.

Download Cyberrime Tactics Whitepaper.

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