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Vertex Security

Vertex Security
NIST Rating:
What is NIST?
Business Cyber Experts: Access expertise to reach cybersecurity that investors and clients expect.


We Deliver

Incident Investigation and Response
Involve Vertex Cyber Security experts when there is a Cyber Incident or a data breach. Don’t be late, let us help you recover your systems.

Security Auditing
Make sure your organisation and your IT team is following the best security practices and procedures with this ISO and NIST compliant audit.

High level Cyber Security Strategy
We can help you design the best architecture for the Security and advise your company on the defences and processes to proactively detect and prevent threats against your company.

Information Security Policies and Procedures
We want to give clarity to the employees, investors and the board on how we handle information risks to make sure the organisation is following the best Cyber Security practices in the policy.

Penetration Testing
Let Vertex Security experts analyse your products for Security vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of a hack. We find 20% more vulnerabilities than all our competitors.

Managed Cyber Security Services
We can action the Security Operation items to improve the security by providing Security as a service. Virtual CISO is easy when Vertex is here.

ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Certification Services
We can help you write security policies, procedures and execute the processes and analyse the gap to get ISO 27001:2013 certified.


Cyber Training and Mock Cyber Attack Services
We help you to do all ranges of mock Cyber Security attacks which are harmless to train your employees and create an awareness on the security forefront.


We Provide

Security Strategy and Governance

How can we align our cybersecurity direction to our business goals and ensure they are enforced?

Security Architecture and Design

What type of security mechanism are required to secure our next digital transformation project?

Risk and Compliance Management

How do we demonstrate to our stakeholders and regulators that our cybersecurity and data protection is under control?

Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Planning

How does our business minimise disruption due to a black swan cyber event or an interruption to key IT team activities?

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