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Vertex Security

Vertex Security is an IT consulting and services firm specialising in security.

Online Cyber Security Awareness Training

Phishing attacks are the most effective way for a Cyber Attacker to gain access to your organisation’s accounts and data. Typically, 1 in 4 people will click through to a phishing link.

Protecting your organisation against phishing attacks is key to creating the foundation for a Cyber Resilient culture.

People are at the heart of creating Cyber resilience and responsiveness. Lack of Cyber Security training for your employees is a key weakness which Cyber Attackers will look to exploit through phishing, ransomware and other Cyber attacks.

Additionally, technology-based protections to block phishing links provide a further defence against Cyber Attacks.

Xsurf Log: Manage the RISK with people and the internet

Phishing is the number one cause for data breaches and XSurfLog has protection using Machine Learning (AI) to defend against this.

An average of 27% of people click on dangerous phishing links and XSurflog tracks browser activity to provide insight, detection and protection.

Browsing the internet can be dangerous and it only takes one link to compromise an account or computer.

Vertex Security

Business Cyber Experts: Access expertise to reach cybersecurity that investors and clients expect.