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Auditing AI & Emerging Technology

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We speak with Tuan Phan, Founder, Zero Friction LLC representing ISACA from the USA. In the lead up to a new AI whitepaper being released by ISACA later in November, Tuan will cover the the AI related findings from ISACA’s recent survey report – The Pulse: Emerging Technology in 2021 and beyond.

We will also talk about trends in AI and his perspective on AI related challenges as we head into 2022. Importantly this also includes how we will audit AI driven applications.

Tuan Phan is a partner with Zero Friction LLC with over 20 years of strong technical and management expertise in the implementation and management of emerging technologies, cybersecurity and information assurance programs, technical projects and operations, and risk management across several industries including government, software, drug and medical device manufacturing.

Tuan also serves as the blockchain and emerging technology practice leader to oversee the development of several proofs of concept using Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum blockchain decentralized apps (dApps) including ETH Bank (client), Breadcoin (client), ETH Fund Me (prototype), and Asset Manager (prototype).

Tuan has performed hands-on security reviews of smart contracts and dApps (CITYBetter, Smart Name System, Employee Staffing, and Crypto Loan). From a blockchain forensics perspective, Tuan has deconstructed several public blockchain forensics of events including Colonial Pipeline, JBS, Multi-signature Parity Hack, Evolved Apes NFT Rug Pull, and de-anonymized several public corporation and individual wallets including Snoop Dog, Tesla, Microstrategy and Galaxy Digital. As an investigator, Tuan conducted forensic analysis for individuals and organizations related to SIM swap, exchange scams, and phishing trace for stolen cryptocurrencies. Tuan led the development of a series of tools supporting a variety of cybersecurity and blockchain assessments including FISMA Assessment Accelerator, CMMC Assessment Advisor, ChainExtract and others.

Tuan has also authored several articles on blockchain and regulatory compliance topics for industry magazines and journals, served as SME reviewer for ISACA Blockchain Audit Program, and taught seminars on blockchain security, artificial intelligence, and blockchain forensic techniques. Tuan is an active members of ISACA, ISC2 and PMI where Tuan has shared his experience on numerous topics on cybersecurity, blockchain security, smart contract auditing, IT governance, and regulatory compliance at several industry conferences and seminars. Tuan is a member of ISACA Emerging Technologies Group, and the ISACA Blockchain Framework Working Group, where he authored the Blockchain Generic Reference Architecture, and Security and Privacy Considerations of the recently released ISACA Blockchain Framework and Guidance (…). Tuan is also the author for the follow-on deep-dive companion, the Blockchain Framework Audit Program, to assist auditors with evaluations of blockchain adopters.

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