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Fraud trends & Fraud prevention frameworks for Merchants

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ClearSale’s statistical technology and in-house fraud analysts have combined to create card-not-present (CNP) fraud prevention that reduces chargebacks and false positives.

As the pandemic shifted consumers in many regions from in-store to online shopping and fraud attacks on ecommerce merchants increased, ClearSale’s 2020 net revenue grew by 65.7%, compared to 2019 growth of 35.5%. ClearSale has announced its July 30 initial public offering on Brazil’s B3 stock exchange generated the equivalent of US$254 million (R$1.3 billion) following the company’s historic revenue growth in 2020. The company’s 2020 net international revenue grew by 132.7% to comprise 11% of the total.

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is big business for criminals, and it’s on the rise. One study found that ATO attacks on ecommerce retailers selling physical goods increased by 378% during the second quarter of 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. What’s driving this increase? In many cases, it’s personal data that’s all too easy to find online, and it doesn’t even need to be sensitive information like passwords in order to fuel ATO attacks.

Recent news about Facebook and LinkedIn user data underscores just how much material fraudsters have at their fingertips and how they can use even publicly available information to commit fraud. In April, news broke that personal data such as phone numbers, email address, birthdates and genders from more than 500 million accounts on each of the two social networks had been collected by data-scraping tools and shared on the dark web.

Facebook in particular took heat for not notifying users at the time the data-scraping incident was first reported, back in 2019. Both Facebook and LinkedIn have noted that the exposed data was shared by users and wasn’t the result of a breach of secured data. However, security experts quickly outlined a number of ways that the scraped data could be used to commit fraud.

Ralph Kooi is the Country Manager Australia at ClearSale, a full-service cloud based platform that automates Fraud Prevention, allowing businesses to increase sales while reducing risk. ClearSale is the only company that never automatically declines an order before a manual review process, which allows us to achieve industry-high approval rates while eliminating false declines and brings in additional revenue for our customers. Ralph Kooi has previously worked for several International SaaS businesses while based in Australia.

David Fletcher serves as Senior Vice President at ClearSale, a card-not-present fraud prevention operation that helps retailers increase sales and eliminate chargebacks before they happen. As a serial entrepreneur, he understands the particular pain points that affect business owners today, and how fraud management can provide real-world solutions to those problems. At ClearSale, he spearheads business development, sales, partnerships and alliances with top e-commerce organizations.

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