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Live – Cybersecurity Malaysia signs MoU with HGC Global Communications

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Malaysia’s National Telecoms Cybersecurity: HGC Signs MoU with CyberSecurity Malaysia


  • Dato’ Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive Officer CyberSecurity Malaysia
  • Ravindran Mahalingam, SVP – International Business HGC Global Communications
  • Martin Ip, Associate Director of Advanced Solutions and Services, Macroview

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage, services and infrastructure, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cybersecurity specialist and technical agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM).

The MoU provides a framework under which HGC will facilitate a portfolio of critical cybersecurity services and solutions. Large to medium enterprises will first benefit, especially those in the financial services industry (FSI), government and semi-government bodies. The cooperation’s impact will be felt beyond Malaysia’s borders by reaching HGC’s customers overseas, in particular across the Asia community, and within a wide range of industry verticals such as e-health, e-commerce, and e-education initiatives. This MoU framework enables CyberSecurity Malaysia to achieve its purpose to overcome national cybersecurity challenges and deliver greater ICT benefits to internet users.

Given the increase in the number of internet users has a direct implication on the increase in potential threat on information systems, it is essential to take necessary precautionary measures. According to CyberSecurity Malaysia, between January and September 2020, Malaysia has recorded 8,366 cybersecurity incidents, including fraud, intrusion, and malicious code – an increase of nearly 10% over compared to 2019. The MoU will cover cybersecurity cooperation in key areas including telecom security, IoT security and threats intelligence. The exchange of information on telecommunication networks, ICT solutions and cybersecurity can further improve cyberattack readiness and prevention measures.

Under the collaboration, HGC with its international exposure will provide cybersecurity expertise, including consulting, managed security services, engineering, risk management, cloud security, and advisory services. This will in turn enable CyberSecurity Malaysia to boost its range of cybersecurity innovation-led services, programmes, and initiatives to reduce the vulnerability of digital systems, and at the same time strengthen Malaysia’s self-reliance in cyberspace.

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