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Tailored AI Models – Purpose-built electronics for advanced solutions

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AICRAFT is a South Australian company specialised in edge computing to build smart sensors and systems with tailored artificial intelligence (AI) models. The company offers purpose-built electronics to craft ultra-compact, high-speed, low power embedded AI solutions for high performance multi-sensor and multi-modality fusion. With experience and expertise in Defence technologies, AICRAFT innovates to facilitate real-time Big Data analysis without typical latency, power and storage penalties.

AICRAFT’s first product is a nanosatellite edge computing module to be launched in August this year. The module is expected to set a new world-breaking standard by performing 5 to 10 times the computing capacity of current solutions on orbit and operate 24/7 compared to 10-15 minutes at present. Other upcoming products include a nanosatellite power saving device and rugged edge computing hubs for integration with various autonomous systems.

Dr Tony Scoleri is the co-founder and CEO of AICRAFT, a South Australian company established in early 2021 to focus on novel microelectronics and hardware solutions for Artificial Intelligence applications.

Previously, he worked for a year as the Chief Technology Officer at DEWC Systems, a defence engineering company focusing on Electronic Warfare.

Prior to DEWC Systems, he was employed at the Defence Science and Technology (DST) for 13 years where he led key research and developments in the areas of National Security, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Weapons and Electronic Warfare. In his last role at the DST, Dr Scoleri was the Australian manager for the situation awareness and missile warning system of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

Tony holds a Ph. D. degree in pure mathematics and computer vision from The University of Adelaide.

Recorded 1 June, 2022


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