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The growing threat of ransomware – learn how to protect your business.

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Cybercrime is continuing to surge in Australia and for these cyber criminals – ransomware is the most popular weapon of choice!

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has recently launched its third annual threat report. It says that it responded to 135 cyber security incidents related to ransomware – that’s an increase of over 75 per cent compared to 2019–20.

To support Australians the ACSC provides technical advice and guidance via but many businesses are also turning to cybersecurity professionals for help.

One of those companies is the data management and backup company Rubrik. Their workshop ‘Save the Data’ started originally for their internal colleagues at their Head Office in the US.

It’s now branched out to their global locations, including here in Australia.

In partnership with Sekuro, Rubrik is holding events around the country to showcase their expertise in protecting and managing a ransomware scenario – attempting to raise the awareness of just how common and serious these attacks can be.

The workshop is a fully immersive experience where participants are given a scenario of a fictional retail company called Keller. In the middle of the night, the business suddenly receives a ransom note demanding $1 million to unencrypt their data. In small groups, attendees are assigned different roles of the company; really demonstrating how many departments in the business would be involved.

As the scenario develops, the Rubrik and Sekuro experts share their insights on how to handle such a situation, including best practices for data back-up, recovery and interaction with the criminals.

At the end of the workshop, attendees are left with a greater understanding of the potential impact of ransomware attacks and how to protect against them. And with cyber threats becoming more advanced and sophisticated, events like these really are becoming critical. Individuals and organisations need to protect their data, which in turn, will protect their business.

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