5G and beyond: Connecting the dots at MWC20

5G isn’t just 5G. Much more than a new wireless communications standard, 5G represents a wideranging technological transformation that will catalyze a major strategic pivot for communications service providers (CSPs) and all those involved in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) ecosystem. 5G will have wide-reaching impacts, affecting diverse markets stretching from enterprises to entertainment,

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The Global Risks Report 2020

The world cannot wait for the fog of geopolitical and geo-economic uncertainty to lift. Opting to ride out the current period in the hope that the global system will “snap back” runs the risk of missing crucial windows to address pressing challenges. On key issues such as the economy, the environment, echnology and public health,

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Secure CIO Podcast

Do you find the idea of going to market in search of a cybersecurity leader to be a daunting task? The Secure CIO is the podcast for Technology Executives who are tasked with hiring and retaining great cybersecurity leaders. Best-selling author Claire Pales, together with industry thought leaders, answers your questions about sourcing the right

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IT Industry Outlook 2019

The pace, scope, and accessibility of innovation today provides organisations an ever-expanding array of digital transformation tools; but it also brings new challenges in orchestrating technology, people, and process. This is one of the key themes explored in the “IT Industry Outlook 2019,” the annual report published by CompTIA, the leading association for the global tech industry.

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