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AI, Data and the future of security, a tech CEOs view

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Stephen Scheeler is Australia’s most authoritative voice on digital disruption, transformation, culture & leadership. His experience at the heart of Silicon Valley is truly unparalleled, and he has a unique ability to inspire audiences of all kinds with rare insight, humour & humility.
Stephen is the former Facebook CEO for ANZ and now CEO of revolutionary artificial intelligence start up, Omniscient – the world leader in using A.I. to decode the human brain.

Backed by some of Australia’s most iconic business names – including Gina Rinehart, Gretel Packer and Will Vicars – in 2022, Omniscient won the coveted South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Innovation Award for A.I. and Machine Learning.

Stephen is also founder of global advisory The Digital CEO, and Executive-in-Residence at the Asia-Pacific’s leading business school, the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Stephen is one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers & advisors on digital disruption, transformation, culture & leadership, and the future of technology, data & A.I.

A native New Yorker, Stephen has spent over 25 years in Asia-Pacific, with deep business & cultural experience across China, Japan, SE Asia & ANZ

Stephen will be presenting ‘AI, Data and the future of security, a tech CEOs view’ at the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) Conference at Sydney’s ICC on August 30.

Most cyber security discussions centre on financial data or national security – but what if you need to secure the secrets of the human brain?

Omniscient are “the OpenAI of the Human Brain” – the world leader in using artificial intelligence to decode the brain.

Omniscient develops technology via the study of connectomics – data-driven construction and analysis of the brain’s connections. Data are converted from MRI scans into 3D visuals of electrical activity occurring in the brain. The company’s latest technology, called Quicktome, is used by neurosurgeons as a surgical planning tool offering views of brain activity for each patient.

Security of individual patient records is of obvious concern, however Omniscient’s dataset can also reveal connections leading to mental health issues such as depression or even precursors to dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Cyber security surrounding IP protection is vital for Omniscient, and many other businesses in globally significant technology.

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