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Everyday hacking techniques prove sufficient for threat actors

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What has the world learned about cyber-security from the Russia Ukraine War? According to Microsoft’s ANZ National Security Officer, Mark Anderson, while the kinetic war still rages within the borders of Ukraine, the cyberwar is borderless, playing out across networks globally.

Anderson has over 28 years experience in the IT industry with 18 of those at Microsoft in various roles across the globe. He will be presenting at the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) Conference at Sydney’s ICC on August 30.

According to Anderson, while Russian attackers primarily focused on Ukrainian assets, this didn’t stop those who support Ukraine from being targeted. Anderson says, that within the first 6 months of the conflict, Microsoft detected Russian network intrusion efforts on 128 organisations in 42 countries outside of Ukraine.

Mark will discuss some key insights and lessons learned including:

  • The destructive power of converging the three domains of cyber warfare
  • Despite the expectation that nation states like Russia use advanced cyber hacking techniques, this conflict surfaced the fact that everyday hacking techniques – like those used by common cyber criminals – proved sufficient for threat actors.
  • What is needed to ensure we continually improve our defences both from a collaboration perspective and the role of individuals and businesses.

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