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The Future of Fitness – Interview with SpeedFit Co-Founder and CEO Matej Varhalik

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Leveraging technology to enhance your work out… It’s a no brainer, right?

In this week’s episode of MySmartTech.TV we sit down with Matej Varhalik who the Co-founder and CEO of SpeedFit, Australia’s largest EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) personal training fitness franchise.

The Slovakian-born, Perth-based entrepreneur identified an opportunity to introduce the low-impact, high-intensity training technology he had grown to love in Europe. As of August 2021, Matej has grown the business to 26 studios across Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and the Central Coast, with 127% YoY growth for the period 2020/21.

At the core of SpeedFit is the European EMS technology, which provides a fast, effective and low-impact 20-minute workout. The workout sessions focus on sculpting the body through weight loss and building and developing muscle, strength training and rehabilitation.

EMS machines mimic the natural action of your central nervous system, sending electrical impulses that contract your muscles. It’s incredibly time efficient: in just 20 minutes, an EMS machine will give you the same results as several hours spent sweating in the gym – how good is that!


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