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Wearable AR/VR Smart Tech Changing the Future

MySmartTech Weekly


This week on MySmartTech.TV we chat to David Francis, who is the CEO & Co-Founder at Virtual Method.

We discuss how VR, AR & wearable technologies are shaping the future workforce.

About Virtual Method:

Virtual Method was founded by two passionate people that live and breathe all things Augmented, Virtual, Wearable, Connectable and above all, Scalable.

At Virtual Method, they bring a broad and strategic approach to advanced technologies, seeking-out and deeply-aligning with the world’s best SAAS & Hardware, giving our customers the opportunity to build rock solid business cases and achieve and fast and impressive ROI.

AR and VR are undeniably moving towards the mainstream, according to the world’s leading disruption-barometers, and many businesses are under-prepared for the impacts, using AR/VR as a tactic and not a platform-mandatory.

Virtual Method consult with businesses to help them understand when, where and how these advanced technologies can fit into either the B2C or B2B customer experience and/or operational-mix, across many verticals.

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